Help Build a New Playground at Dexter Training Ground!


The WBNA, KaBOOM, United Healthcare and a SURPRISE contributor have teamed up to build a brand-new playground in Dexter Training Ground. Work has already begun and the final build day is Tuesday, Oct 11. If you want to help, meet at the playground at 8am.

On-Street Overnight Parking Meeting TONIGHT at City Hall

End the Ban on Overnight Parking

The City Council Finance Committee is meeting at City Hall tonight at 5:30PM to consider the Taveras administration’s plan for overnight resident permit parking. Please come to the meeting tonight and let your voice be heard on this issue. Ending the city’s 82-year ban on overnight parking will make Providence a more livable city for everyone. It’s time to bring more rationality to resident parking in Providence.

 Please see below:



Lifting the ban on overnight parking and ushering in a modern, efficient program for City residents


As one of America’s densest metropolitan areas, Providence is a growing, thriving place. Overnight resident permit parking will make Providence a more livable city.


A program establishing overnight resident permit parking that is modern, efficient, and enforceable will benefit our City’s residents.


Estimated Timeline

Oct/Nov 2011


Nov/Dec 2011


Dec 2011/Jan 2012


Jan-Mar   2012


Administration and Council work together to pass framework



Administration led community education and input period: neighborhood meetings, online engagement



Program finalized, implementation begins



Official launch of the program



  • Providence’s ban on overnight parking was established in 1929, when the automobile was in its adolescence. 80+ years later, it is time to repeal the outdated ban and bring more rationality to resident parking in our City.


  • The new overnight parking policy will ease the hunt for affordable housing. For many resident car-owners, housing costs often exclude a legal place to park. In the same way, landlords sometimes have difficulty finding tenants when parking is not provided.


  • In many of the City’s neighborhoods yards are paved for parking and residents have lost their ability to have backyard interactions with their neighbors. The overnight resident parking program will allow homeowners to keep their green space, making our neighborhoods more livable. 


  • In our City’s neighborhoods where overnight resident permit parking has been a reality for several years, the presence of parked cars has had a traffic-calming effect.


  • The City of Providence is in a unique situation – we have an opportunity to start a permit program from the ground up. This has given us the ability to identify modern technologies and business practices that will benefit our City for years to come.



-See reverse for program specifics -






  • New fee amounts to $8/month ($100/year), a reasonable amount compared to fees charged at private lots or the cost of more than 4 parking tickets.


  • City residents will have the ability to enroll online, by phone or in-person.


  • Permits will be license plate-based and digital. There will be no need to mail stickers or paper permits to residents.


  • Permits are non-transferable and will expire one year from date of purchase. Persons with handicap plates are exempt from annual permit fee.


  • Residency can be established with utility bill, deed, tax bill, or rent receipt.  Applicants must also prove that their vehicle is registered in Rhode Island.  If a fraudulent address or registration is determined, the permit will be voided.



  • There will be a two-permit limit per household and residents of dorms and apartment buildings with six or more units are not eligible. In addition, commercial vehicles are not eligible.


  • Signs will be posted at the City’s borders, on major streets, and on the borders of permit districts to define zones. Permit districts will mirror the City’s police districts.  


  • There is a street opt-out provision included in the City ordinance that establishes the program. If 75% of the residents on a given street with vehicles registered in Rhode Island sign a petition, the street will not be included in the program.


  • The parking ban will remain on all arterial streets like Smith, Broad and Eddy.


  • The City will use digital permit technology for enforcement; the same technology is currently in use for scofflaw enforcement.


  • The program will improve parking compliance as active, consistent enforcement will be a priority.


Fertile Underground Grocery will be at the WBNA General Meeting on Tuesday!

WBNA General Meeting, Tuesday, October 4 at 7pm, WBNA Headquarters

Featuring Fertile Underground Grocery’s Stock and Stash

Fertile Underground Grocery is opening at 1577 Westminster Street on October 20!

  • Come hear the case for a community supported grocery.
  • Members of the workers cooperative will be giving a status update and presenting a plan for how you can help bring fresh food to the West Side!

Plus sign up to help build the new playground at Dexter Training Ground on October 11.

Hear a status update on West Side Solar.

TONIGHT meeting on Overnight On-street Permit Parking at City Hall

The proposal to apply the Overnight On-street Permit Parking Program citywide is being heard by the City Council Finance Committee TONIGHT, Thursday, September 29, 2011, at 6:30pm on the 3rd floor conference room of City Hall.

Neighbors please come out to support this program as there are still some council people who oppose the expansion.

Thank you!

Kari, WBNA

P.S. If you plan to go can you please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can get a sense of how many neighbors representing the West Side will be attending.

Time change to 6pm for City Hall On-Street Parking meeting

Please note that the time for tonight’s City Council Finance Committee meeting on On-street Overnight Permit Parking has been changed to 6pm. Also, public comment will not be allowed at this meeting, but a strong turnout of neighbors will make an impact. The meeting is in the 3rd floor conference room of City Hall.

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